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Dated: 03/16/2018

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Please help Realtors understand why.  

Why you, Mr or Ms. Buyer...

...don't want to commit to using one Realtor?

...think that you need to talk to the listing agent to get a better deal?

...don't want to believe that every Realtor can help you with any listing on the market?

...don't feel relieved that you have one go-to person to ask questions, provide data, search listings, show property, write offers, etc?

...don't understand that listing search websites (Zillow,, etc.) sell your info to a Realtor trying to pick you up as a client?

Having one Realtor represent you is your best option when you are planning to buy a home.

That one Realtor will...

...get you all of the information you need about any property on the market/MLS.

...look out for your best interests when listing agents are looking out for the clients, the seller.

...likely get more information about a property than you can from listing agents.

...provide you with many more services if you are their exclusive client

If you are thinking about buying a home, consult with a Realtor.  Consult with more than one Realtor.  Think of it as interviewing each other.  Find one that makes you feel comfortable.  Hire them. Commit to them.  Give them loyalty.  Don't click or call any other company, website or Realtor.  If you have found the right Realtor for you, then you won't have to.

Then, if you decide that the Realtor is not the right one for you after all, let them know.   But keep some things in mind.  Listings are swooped up by other buyers, sellers aren't always agreeable, Realtors have no bearing on your loan approval.  It's important to keep in mind that real estate transactions are a negotiation between two parties, buyers and sellers.  To base a whether or not a Realtor is good or bad on their ability to make everything in the transaction go your way is unrealistic. 

If you want to know more about what having one agent benefits you, I would be glad to meet with you and tell you more.  You can DM at, call/test 281-794-4373, or email me at

Sherry Hamm, REALTORĀ®

Clayton Nash Real Estate

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Sherry Hamm

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